Simple steps to loving literacy

And it works!


With a deep understanding that any development approach to handwriting and literacy must be aligned and integrated with the  curriculum requirements, Literacy Adventure’s approach to teaching and learning literacy skills is practical, manageable and affirming for the teachers who implement it, and joy-filled and fun for the children who are learning.

Take time to assess the current approach to literacy. Understand where your child, students or school is in terms of literacy development. Having a clear picture will help you know where you need to launch your literacy adventure from.

Know where you want to go. Once you know where you are, it’s possible to open up to potential and possibilities. This helps to decide where you should navigate to, working within your curriculum, system or context.

Capitalise on opportunities for development. Discover opportunities for constructive and sustainable changes are simple and able to be implemented without causing more stress for teachers or children. Imagine that!

Consider recommendations for next steps. Any changes to approach should be considered within the current operating framework. We ensure that any recommendations are connected - to the bigger picture, to your values, to what’s good for teachers and their students.

Take steps on your adventure. Strategy and planning are pivotal elements for creating meaningful literacy outcomes. We work with you on both - to make it doable and manageable for teachers and schools. And fun and enriching for kids.

Talk to us about your current literacy challenge. We love creating simple steps to loving literacy based on our steps outlined here.

Our approach to better literacy outcomes provides:
  • Much needed support for teachers on the ground, including those working in the home school environment
  • Confidence and certainty to school leaders to enact decisions around literacy and the implementation steps
  • Children with the means by which they can truly enjoy the learning journey that empowers them to write and read with confidence and competence.
Talk to us about your current literacy challenge