Set of 10 Chalkboards

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A set of ten chalkboards suitable for teaching ‘Casey the Caterpillar’ Handwriting Process in the classroom. Available in either standard black or one of the bright colours – blue, orange, yellow or green. You could also choose to have a mixture of the four bright colours.


Chalkboards are recommended to be used to provide children with kinaesthetic feedback during the early stages of the ‘Casey the Caterpillar’ Handwriting Process. Using small pieces of chalk also assists children with developing the correct pincer grip which is required for writing with a pencil. In the early stages of the ‘Casey the Caterpillar’ handwriting process, children write with chalkboards balanced midline on their laps. At this  stage, chalkboards also provide children with the opportunity to develop the important skill of ‘crossing the midline’ – which is crucial to success in later stages of writing. Choose either a standard black chalkboard or add a bit of fun with a bright colourful board.   You could also choose a set that includes a mixture of the four bright colours.  All boards need to be primed with chalk before use and instructions for priming accompany each set of  boards.

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Black, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Colour Mix


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