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‘Casey the Caterpillar’ – Handwriting Workshop – Palmerston Library

February 20, 2019 3:15 pm
February 20, 2019 5:00 pm
Palmerston Library, The Boulevard, Palmerston City NT, Australia   View map

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If you are wondering whether this workshop is for you – here is a quick checklist to assist.

  • Have you heard about ‘Casey the Caterpillar’ and just wondered how this Magic Caterpillar can help with handwriting?   Do you have ‘Casey the Caterpillar’  resources in your school and wonder how they were meant to be implemented to get the best results?
  • Are you looking to improve the standards of handwriting for children in your class and just wondering where to begin?  Are you reviewing your current approach to handwriting and questioning whether you are seeing the best results possible?
  • Are you concerned with any of the following:   reversals;  mixing  of upper and lower case letters; writing that is all over the place – above the line, below the line and sometimes just between the lines?
  • Do  you have students who are experiencing difficulties with their pencil grip and cannot hold a pencil or who make spidery marks on the page or who just don’t seem to be able to recall what letters look like when it comes to writing?
  • Do you have samples of work where the pencil is pushed heavily and there is scrubbing all over the place as children try to correct their own work in an effort to get it right?
  • Do  you have young students who are  already baulking at writing because it is just too difficult for them to form the letters?
  • Would you like to know more about how handwriting is related to early literacy development?

Well,  if you are looking for answers to questions like these – you are invited to attend this after-school PD workshop.    If you are outside this region and would be interested in attending a workshop, please contact us at: and register your interest.  We can then begin to make plans to have our own adventure and head your way!!      The most common feedback from teachers who have attended  a ‘Casey the Caterpillar’ handwriting workshop is that it simply makes sense!!

To read more about ‘Casey the Caterpillar Handwriting Process’ click here:




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Where did this Magic Caterpillar come from and when did this adventure begin?   More than thirty years ago, when working as an Early Years Teacher in the Northern Territory, Barbara Brann was observing that the young students in her class could not ‘remember and do’.   The moment they were asked to move from one place to complete a task, they seemed to no longer remember the task they were asked to do.   This is a familiar scenario to many a classroom teacher!!    Barbara observed a connection between movement and memory and she extended this observation of gross motor movement and memory to fine motor movement and memory.   Her interest and observations became the foundation for her research into the fine motor movement of handwriting development and the significance this has to literacy development in the Early Years.

In supporting her own class to have success with handwriting and early literacy acquisition, Barbara Brann developed the story of  ‘Casey the Caterpillar’ and the appeal to  young children and to teachers meant that the ‘Magic Caterpillar’ grew wings and took off – literally!!    This story has now travelled to every state in Australia and to many countries throughout the world.  Barbara also has travelled extensively throughout Australia to share her own insights and research into early literacy development.   During the past few years, Barbara has been accompanied by Danielle Steendam and now,  ‘Casey the Caterpillar Handwriting Process’ Workshops are  presented by Danielle through her own consultancy, ‘Literacy Adventure.’

The two hour Professional Development workshop includes practical examples of handwriting development and provides teachers with opportunities to participate in thought provoking discussions and activities that aim to highlight the answers to the following frequently asked questions.

 Is handwriting important?

How do you begin to teach children to write?

How do you know if children are ready to write?

What skills need to be taught prior to handwriting?

How do you teach the underpinning skills that are required for handwriting?

What has Short Term Working Memory and memory spaces got to do with handwriting?

How do you support children to develop the skills that are required for  handwriting?

How do you contextualise the learning of ‘handwriting’ for children?

How do you keep handwriting connected to reading so that the whole learning process does not become dissociated for the child?

Why is it important to develop handwriting to the point of automaticity?

What are the steps of the ‘Casey the Caterpillar Handwriting Process’ and what is the significance of each of these steps.

Come along and join Danielle as she shares with you how to use ‘Casey the Caterpillar Handwriting Process’ to support young children to get it right from the start!!


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