‘Casey the Caterpillar’ Wall Frieze

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Long ‘Casey the Caterpillar’ wall frieze that illustrates the different shapes that make up each letter of the alphabet.

This 4-metre long x 20 cm wide visual alphabet frieze provides contextualised visual cues for children to recall the ‘Casey’ shapes that are used to form individual letters. Each letter is displayed in a format that scaffolds the learning for children who are independently attempting to write letters. The frieze provides a reference for children to access the learning that has already been embedded through the teaching of ‘Casey the Caterpillar Handwriting Process’ . Pictures from the story of  ‘Casey the Caterpillar’ Handwriting Process are firstly displayed in the correct order of formation. Beneath these pictures, illustrations of the shapes in relation to a baseline are displayed allowing children to recall the connection of the story shapes to the shapes that combine to form letters. A corresponding letter is a prompt for children to help them assimilate the connections. Finally, the verbal cue is written for ease of reference to remind teachers/parents and students to maintain consistent oral instructions during the process of teaching children correct letter formation.  The wall frieze is printed on a sturdy vinyl for ease of cleaning.  The frieze can also easily be cut into smaller sections where space restrictions do not accommodate the long length of this frieze.

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Weight 370 g
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 8 cm


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