Casey the Caterpillar Training DVD

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Barbara Brann presents training in the ‘Casey the Caterpillar Handwriting Process’.  

This training DVD is the  next best thing to attending a Professional Development inservice on how to use ‘Casey the Caterpillar’ handwriting process.     There are classroom demonstrations with real teachers and real children showing the sequence of steps from the introduction with the oral story to the end point where children are writing words and then sentences.  At the beginning, the oral story is told in a manner that contextualises the whole experience for a group of children who are learning.    The DVD also features segments of professional development training held by Barbara for groups of teachers.   Handwriting requires the combination of a complex set of skills and the DVD explains the significance of developing the necessary  pre-requisite skills required before  commencing any handwriting.     During the DVD,  there is a demonstration of  a teacher reading to her class, the story from ‘Casey the Caterpillar’.  There is also an explanation as to why chalkboards are recommended for the beginning stages of the handwriting process.     After the story has been read, the DVD explains the process of connecting the story with both the verbal and the visual aspects.   Once these skills are established,   the next stage of beginning to work with letter shapes is demonstrated.   Finally, the DVD looks at connecting the shapes together to form letters and shapes and then starting to apply these skills to word writing and then to writing sentences.    The most common response by attendees to a ‘Casey the Caterpillar’ inservice is that it makes so much sense.  Customers who purchase and watch this DVD are bound to respond with a similar reaction.    It just makes sense!

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