‘Casey the Caterpillar’ – Make your own Story Kit

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A complete class resource kit that provides a USB with page templates and sufficient resources for a class of 30 children to make their own ‘Casey the Caterpillar’ story. Ideal for developing fine motor skills required for early literacy development.

A great and memorable fun activity for young children to create their own take-home version of ‘Casey the Caterpillar’. Creating  their own book provides young children with many opportunities  to learn firsthand, different aspects of print knowledge that are significant for early literacy development.   Title page, author,  publisher, text, illustrations, page numbering  and even turning the page correctly, are all concepts that become easily understood by children through the experience of making and reading their very own book.    In addition to learning concepts about print,  the activities within this book have specific learning intentions related to the development of underpinning literacy skills.    The ‘Create your Own Casey Story Kit’  is a resource developed by Occupational Therapist, Fiona Lilley and Speech-Language Therapist, Sally Barrable.   They have applied their practical experience and in-depth knowledge to produce a resource that is fun and effective in developing specific underpinning skills required for success in literacy development in the Early Years.     This kit includes everything required to produce 30 individual books.  Classroom teachers do not need to gather all of the materials together before they can use this resource – it is already done and all kept in one handy satchel.     A USB is also included in this kit.  On this USB is a 40 page manual instructing how to use the resource.  Template pages are also included – so teachers need only print off the templates and follow the instructions.   Many of the activities have a fine motor development focus and include tearing, cutting, colouring, pasting, bending and rolling paper.    These skills are all important for children who are developing strength and dexterity as they work with their fingers.   Learning intentions are clearly identified for each activity and examples of the finished pages  are also included as a handy reference.   This could be an ideal choice for a literacy rotation activity or a regular  afternoon session of craft that also has an additional early literacy development focus.    There are eleven pages in the book and it would be expected that young children could complete one page per session.  The whole process of creating this book could be a project that a class undertakes for a few weeks.    Once the books are completed, there are additional activities that are included on the USB for children to extend their knowledge of early alphabet recognition and phonemic awareness.



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