‘Casey the Caterpillar’ Handwriting Desk Strip

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These individual Desk Strips are ideal as a handy reminder for students who are learning correct letter formation through the ‘Casey the Caterpillar’ Handwriting Process. The desk strips clearly display individual ‘Casey’ shapes that are used to form letters of the alphabet. The starting point for the formation of each letter is also clearly identified.


These Desk Strips are a great visual cue  for young children who are learning to independently write letters of the alphabet using the ‘Casey the Caterpillar Handwriting Process’.    At this stage, it is very important for young children to avoid cognitive overload as they consolidate their new skills.  It is also very important for children to get it right from the start – learning how to form their letters.  School students spend a considerable amount of each day involved in learning activities that require they have highly developed handwriting skills.   Without these skills, many areas of learning will also suffer – hence, the major importance to spend time ensuring that children in their early years are able to correctly and efficiently form their letters.      Young children have only a small number of memory spaces to accommodate the new steps that are required as they learn to write.  Knowledge of  ‘Casey the Caterpillar’ shapes help children to quickly recall the shape they are trying to reproduce without having to remember multiple different steps to form each letter.   The desk strip provides an additional visual scaffold for children to recall the shapes from the ‘Casey Story’ and to remember the correct order of the shapes that constitute each letter.   These strips are printed in the most basic print font with the shapes colour-coded for identification in the letters. The strips are intended to be used to remind students of the shapes used to write letters and the order in which they should be drawn. They may not provide the actual visual image of the mandated script for your State or Country. Both Lower Case and Capital Letters are shown. Numerals are also included on the strip.  Available for purchase in a variety of quantities.  The single purchase is ideal for families supporting their young children at home.  Bundles of five or ten desk strips can be used to meet the individual learning requirements of various groups and classes.   When first learning to form letters correctly, it is recommended that children use a chalkboard and a small piece of chalk.    For further information on how to teach ‘Casey the Caterpillar’ handwriting process, please consider the Teaching Manual, the DVD with demonstrations and of course, you will need your own copy of ‘Casey the Caterpillar’ Story book.

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