The creation of Literacy Adventure was an adventure itself!

Here’s our story


Nestled on the edge of a lush forest reserve on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast sits the home of Literacy Adventure. With a natural creek running through the five acre property and discoverable only via a dirt road, we think it’s the perfect place for launching all kinds of adventures, especially ones involving literacy.

Founded by Danielle Steendam, Literacy Adventure is a business that places children at the centre of teaching literacy skills and empowers teachers to impart those skills in practical ways that work.

Recognising the learning and teaching of literacy skills has veered far from its original intent, Literacy Adventures brings a renewed purpose and vision for teachers and parents by building on the foundational work of Barbara Brann in the teaching and learning of literacy skills in the early childhood arena.

We are delivering this through:

Our online shop

With educational resources for parents, teachers and schools.


Professional development training

For teachers via workshops and in class teaching.


Consulting services

That assist schools to assess and implement their literacy requirements.


No Literacy Adventure story would be complete
without introducing two principal characters.

Meet Barbara Brann and Casey the Caterpillar

Barbara is a well-known educational consultant whose work informs many aspects of Literacy Adventure’s teaching philosophy.

For over three decades, Barbara has taught early childhood teachers about literacy, having created the Casey the Caterpillar Building Blocks and the Magic Caterpillar Handwriting Process. Using these unique and effective tools, she has influenced the way young children are taught and learn the necessary skills that empower them to write, and ultimately read, with confidence and competence.

Understanding how pivotal these literacy skills are to a child’s overall personal, cognitive and physical development – and the imperative for teachers to acquire these skills – Barbara  has worked with Literacy Adventure to create a sustainable platform for product and training delivery.

Barbara maintains an informal relationship with Literacy Adventure’s founder, Danielle Steendam, and is happy for Casey to continue his adventures with the many teachers who impact the lives of our young children.

Casey the Caterpillar, star of the Magic Caterpillar Handwriting Process

Arguably, the world’s most well known caterpillar, Casey has long been an adventurer too. Imagined by Barbara Brann, and becoming an invaluable tool for engaging young children, Casey brings to life – and makes fun – the process whereby students learn important handwriting skills.

The story about Casey arose as a practical solution to the firsthand experience Barbara had in the classroom when teaching young children how to write.    Finding many children could not ‘remember’ and ‘do’ all of the instructions often related with teaching children how to form letters, she developed the story around Casey who helps them identify basic shapes that later become the foundations for forming letters.  By breaking down the different skills into manageable chunks, and scaffolding the learning for young children, the process ensures that learning remains fun and children experience success.  

And what about the wooden You’s?

The gorgeous wooden dolls used in the images throughout this website are little wooden you’s. That’s right – it’s a wooden you.

Designed to represent Literacy Adventure’s desire to reconnect us with the idea that learning is fun – for children and their teachers, these beautiful wooden dolls are part of the magic of reconnecting. You can’t imagine the fun we had sending them on adventures as part of the photo shoot for this website.

Wooden You dolls can be purchased through their business website: