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Between curriculum demands, classroom pressure and the need to work within  a system, literacy can feel more challenge than opportunity, more work than fun. Undoubtedly, schools, teachers and students have never been under more pressure. We understand.

Our children still face challenges with learning literacy skills
Teachers feel overwhelmed
Schools are looking for opportunities to enhance literacy outcomes for children

Literacy Adventure has been created to make literacy accessible to young children and to help people like you.

Literacy challenges

Under the pressure of meeting the shifting goal posts of literacy performance, many teachers, including those working in the homeschool environment, feel overwhelmed about what to do. With conflicting messages communicated by education leaders, the media, and even other teachers and parents, it can be hard to know who to listen to.

Literacy solutions

Amidst the noise, Literacy Adventure endeavours to provide wisdom and sense. Delivering practical and manageable literacy skills training and tools that empower teachers and their students, we equip teachers with specific skills to meet the literacy needs of their students.  

Classroom confusion

Working in a teaching environment that presents children across a broad learning spectrum, it can be challenging to find a pathway that caters to all. Under the pressure of meeting the needs of every student and parent, teachers can feel burnt out and disconnected from the real meaning of literacy.

Practical solutions

Literacy Adventure helps teachers and schools with practical approaches, developed by Barbara Brann to engage students in their own literacy adventure. A framework of skills, supported by reasoning and understanding equips educators to teach literacy skills in ways that make sense and work.

Pressure to achieve literacy outcomes

Working within the parameters of the Australian curriculum, teachers and schools can feel they are limited to how literacy skills can be taught in the classroom. School literacy leaders like  curriculum heads and literacy coordinators who want to do the best by their pupils can feel challenged – while key school decision makers, like principals and deputies who know the importance of literacy, may not know the best way to integrate an alternative approach into practice.

Re-connecting teachers with the real purpose of literacy

Literacy Adventure is the bridge over the divide between the curriculum and the literacy skills our children need to learn to become confident and competent at handwriting and reading, spelling and comprehension.  Built on a philosophy and practice that places the child front and centre in the process of learning literacy skills, we’re making literacy what it should be: empowering for children and teachers.

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